Security Preparations for Your Home


Protecting your home need not be so sophisticated to capture the thieves or burglars. You should know that amateur burglars are the ones committing most of the home burglaries. Simple precautions and tips are enough to thwart these amateur thieves. The first thing to do is to test the security of your home yourselves in order to know the weaknesses and things to improve.

General Home Security

Always remember to lock your home when leaving even for a short duration and change the locks if you moved into a new home. You can also make your homes seem occupied when you leave by using timers to switch the lights or turn the radio on and off. The wires of your alarm system should always be concealed because burglars can easily disarm the alarm through the uncovered wires. Broken alarm system that always goes off should be immediately fixed because neighbors will tend to ignore the alarm if an actual burglary occurs.

When calling for an assistance of professional house cleaner, always check the background of the person and change the locks immediately if you lost your keys. Most people keep a spare key under the doormat, in a mailbox, or on a nail in the garage, but it is advisable to wrap the key in foil or put in a film can and bury somewhere you can easily find.

The most effective deterrent for burglars is a noisy dog and does not need to be a trained dog. A small noisy dog is a very good pet as well as a very effective alarm for burglars. Observe and talk with the neighbors for any unusual cars or persons lurking in your neighborhood.

Most of all, do not let anyone in especially those asking for phone calls. Ask for ID’s or check with their office first before giving entry.

Door Security

A spring-latch lock is not advisable in your main door because it can be easily opened by leading experts. A 1-inch deadbolt lock will defy the burglars of this trick. If your door has too much space in between the door and its frames, then a burglar can use a jimmy. To cover for this weakness, you can reinforce your door with a panel of 3/4-inch piece of sheet metal or plywood. Make sure that the hinges of the door are on the inside because burglars can easily dismantle your door if it is on the outside. Placing a metal bar in the middle bottom of the door is the trick for securing your glass patio doors.

Window Security

The windows are the main entry for most burglars. Install one or more locks, alarm system, or a burglar resistant glass. Solder the screw heads when installing window locks to prevent the burglars from unscrewing them after they cut a small hole in the pane.

Garage Security

It is a challenge to secure a garage but there are also simple ways to increase its security. Cover the windows or frost the windows so that burglars cannot tell if the car is gone. Even if your car is not in the garage, always lock and close the garage door. A peephole from your house to the window is also advisable so that you can check any suspicious sounds without opening your house door.

Now you know how an amateur burglar can enter your home. After assessing your home security, you can now identify the areas where you need to fortify to avoid future burglaries. It is better to be a bit more cautious than just leaving everything as it is. You can now sleep better knowing that you are safe in your own home.

Tips To Protect Your Home From Burglary

Protecting your home all the time from potential burglary is most essential nowadays. Since you will never when thieves will target your home. According to Walter T. Shaw, thieves can find a lot of weak spots in a person’s home especially for those homeowners who take home security lightly.

Walter Shaw is a well-known member of the famous Dinner Set Gang, a famous burglary ring in the US during the 60s to 80s. This person has entered almost every home the gang has targeted and although he spent 11 years in jail for burglary, he was never caught in the act. He was only convicted because a member of their gang turned him in. Now a retired professional burglar, he gave tips on how simple things can fortify your home and ward off possible burglars.

Never Reveal Out Of Town Trips To Just Anyone

Some people tend to talk about their out of town trips, be it for vacation or business to just anyone, sometimes even to strangers. Shaw advised to never talk about your upcoming trips to anyone or anywhere since other people may overhear you and those people may already by a member or an informant of a gang. He added that burglary rings and members have a lot of tipsters from various areas just waiting to hear useful information from anyone around the area.  Shaw said that some of the group’s best tipsters are hairstylists, bank workers, and carpet installers.

Protect Your Back

Some homeowners tend to focus only on the front of their homes, concentrating all the protective elements on the front like alarms and decals. However, Shaw revealed that most thieves would enter from the back door – especially for homes with sliding doors or French doors at the back of their homes. Shaw said that providing attention to the back of your home and installing the same protection you put on the front area like cameras and alarms will make thieves think twice before entering your home.

Activate Security Alarm At All Times

Shaw advises people to always turn their home security alarms on all the time, even if people are at home. Some homeowners tend to turn their alarm off thinking that thieves will not dare enter if they are around. This is a misconception since according to Shaw, 90% of the homes they entered actually do have alarm systems but only not on. Remember that the lives of the people within your home are more important than your property and valuables so it is reasonable to think that you want more security when people are at home than when not.

Thieves Attack At Broad Daylight

Do not be fooled by TV shows and movies showing that thieves prefer or would only attack at night. According to Shaw, thieves actually prefer to enter homes in broad daylight since most homeowners are not at home during the day. Daytime is preferable since most people work during the day leaving their homes vulnerable for whole day.

Make Sure Your Doorbell Is Functional

One of the operating procedures of thieves is to ring the doorbell first to know if anyone is at home. If your doorbell is broken and cannot answer to the door or the gate, then the thieves will think that no one is at home and might enter while you and your family is inside, which is a dangerous situation you want to avoid. Crooks always choose empty homes and if they think no one’s at home, they will not hesitate to enter so make sure to always check your doorbell and have it fixed immediately if broken.

As Much As Possible, Install Video Surveillance

Another misconception people get from TV shows and movies is that thieves love to wear masks and other types of face covering when operating. On the contrary, most thieves actually do not care what they look like when they are stealing and some do not care if neighbors see them as long as they finish their job and escape. This is why installing video surveillance for your home is crucial. It is the most effective tool against burglary. Most thieves cannot identify where this surveillance equipment is installed.

Smaller Dogs Bark Louder

It is good to have a dog that barks since they definitely look scary when barking. However, Shaw revealed that small yappy dogs are actually better than those big types of dogs since smaller ones tend to be louder when unknown people enter the home. Shaw said that small dogs bark a lot compared to those large, fierce-looking dogs and it is a huge turnoff for the thieves when there are barking dogs in homes.

Your Kitchen Has Other Amazing Purposes

Apart from all the cooking, your kitchen actually has other amazing purposes. Compared to the other areas in your home, your kitchen may be the safest place to hide your valuables especially if you are planning to go out of town. Shaw said that the kitchen is the last place they check when stealing since thieves do not expect people to hide things in the kitchen. They also do not check the kitchen since kitchens tend to be a complicated place with so many areas like cupboards and cabinets, which will take time if thieves do check them. Thieves need to operate fast to avoid being caught so they usually ignore the kitchen area and focus on common rooms especially the masters bedroom when stealing.

Do Not Put Trash Outside, The Night Before Trash Day

Some households put their trash outside the night before the day of pick up. Avoid this habit since thieves check trashes to see what people buy. If thieves see receipts of expensive things you bought on your garbage bag, it will give them hint that you have valuables worth stealing inside your home.

Give Importance On Little Things

Just like the basic tips, you read and hear, always remember to lock doors and windows before leaving your home. Trim bushes so thieves cannot have a hiding place. Have someone to regularly get newspapers outside your gate if you are on vacation so it will not pile up since newspapers pile up outside your gate will tell thieves that no one is at home.

There you have tips on how to keep your home safe and prevent any burglary.

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